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EMC Hardened Audio and Video System
During EMC testing it is important to monitor the device under test (DUT) without interfering with the measurement during emission tests. On the other hand, the monitoring system has to withstand the high fi eld strengths during immunity testing.
All devices – from a small electric shaver to a huge truck – that hold electronic components of any kind are subject to compliance testing and so the requirements are manifold. PONTIS EMC hardened audio and video products cover the whole range of applications.

Field Proven Quality MADE IN GERMANY
Since 1995 PONTIS off ers EMC hardened devices “Made In Germany”. Our Audio and Video systems are installed in test sites all over the world. The extremely low defect rate is the result of a consequent quality management and intensive testing.

State of the Art Technology
EMC shielded housing, specially fi ltered power supply and signal transmission via fi bre optics are common to all our products. For that reason the emission is way below the standard limits and the immunity is above the usual requirements (up to 200V/m CISPR 22 Class B and higher). Only the fi nest components fi nd the way into our products. Thus we can ensure that the mechanical and even more the optical features of our camera systems are outstanding. The quality of the lens and the CCD chip in the camera module are crucial for a good surveillance system. All our optical componentes are selected to gain the best possible resolution and light sensitivity.

The Right Solution for Every Test Set-Up
Our wide variety of diff erent products off ers a suitable solution for every test set-up from small chambers for pre compliance to huge military or automotive test sites.
We off er cameras from a very small manual version to special versions with zoom lenses up to 36times optical zoom and a focus which allows to view objects the size of a matchbox from as far as 30m.
Our systems work in international environments and standards (PAL, NTSC, MPEG, H.264;110V, 230V, 50/60Hz).

Standard Application 5m Chamber: Remotely Controlled Camera System
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High Definition Video (HD)
Small Chamber(3m): Manual Camera System
Acoustic Surveillance and Intercom System
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Multi Controllers
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Networking and Documentation: IP Camera Controller
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Fibre Optic Converters
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