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Lee Kim Soon
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Eidyia Technologies is a Singapore based engineering company founded in 2009, providing one stop EMC / RF solution from box sales to system solutions such as chamber, shield room, software, accessories, test instruments and training.

“Solutions at its Best!”is our motto in every aspects of our customer service and offered solutions. Eidyia is dedicated in providing the best possible solution with good quality products at the most competitive pricing strategies.

Our main group of customers include: test laboratories, research institutes, academic institutions, manufacturers. Eidyia has two point of contacts in China; Changzhou, Jiangsu province and Shenzhen, Guangdong province providing fast and reliable services and support.

Eidyia Technologies is the appointed distributor for Siepel's absorbers and chamber solutions for China, Hong Kong and selected parts of ASEAN.

Siepel SAS was founded in 1986, a French manufacturer of shielded enclosures, microwave absorbers, reverberation and anechoic chambers based on a standard solutions or custom designs. It is Europe no. 1 anechoic chamber supplier and world no. 1 for reverberation chamber, providing full turnkey solutions with chambers, shield rooms, absorbers, test instuments, software and training.

Siepel has more than 27 years of experience and has successfully completed more than 500 projects.

  -   Fully automatic 5m RF , Antenna chamber
  -   Fully automatic 3m EMC chamber
  -   Multipurpose HYFRAL absorbers
  -   Unqiue plastic paint absorbers - Patent!
  -   Europe biggest chamber (ferrite only) for tank testing
  -   High performance RCS chamber


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