Eidyia Technologies

Lee Kim Soon
T : +65 9026 6338 / +86 1500 0814 484
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Eidyia Technologies is a Singapore based engineering company founded in 2009, providing one stop EMC / RF solution from box sales to system solutions such as chamber, shield room, software, measurement accessories, test instruments and training.

"Solutions at its Best!"is our motto in every aspects of our customer service and offered solutions. Eidyia is dedicated in providing the best possible solution with good quality products at the most competitive pricing strategies.

Our main group of customers include: test laboratories, research institutes, academic institutions, manufacturers.

Eidyia has two point of contacts in China; Changzhou, Jiangsu province and Shenzhen, Guangdong province providing fast and reliable services and support.

Eidyia Technologies is Prana exclusively distributor for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and ASEAN

Born in 1962 with headquarter in France, Covimag, parent company, founded Prana in 1975. Prana, a leading European designer and manufacturer of RF power amplifiers. Being the most experienced amplifier supplier, since 1999 it has focus extensively on manufacturing amplifier used in broadband applications such as EMC testing, instrumentation and radio-communication.

Prana products are all solid state and cover a frequency range 10 kHz – 6 GHz with output power up to 12kW. All amplifiers meet the rigorous demands of EMC test standards and provide a well-designed and engineered solid state amplifier.

Prana amplifiers are known for their performance, reliability and quality.

DP Series
(10 kHz – 250 MHz)
DR Series
(10 kHz – 400 MHz)
DT Series
(10 kHz – 1000 MHz)
GN Series
(100 kHz – 200 MHz)
LT Series
(20 MHz – 1000 MHz)
MT Series
(80 MHz – 1000 MHz)
SU Series
(1 GHz – 2.5 GHz)
SV Series
(0.8 GHz – 3.2 GHz)
SW Series
(0.8 GHz – 4.0 GHz)/a>
SX Series
(0.8 GHz – 6 GHz)
UX Series
(2 GHz – 6 GHz)
BCI Probe
(10 kHz – 400MHz)